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Founded in 2011, Kraken was the first bitcoin exchange to have its market data displayed on the Bloomberg Terminal, the first to pass
People.ai is an industry leading ROI (Revenue Operations and Intelligence) platform. Using patented AI technology, it transforms business activity data into recommendations that increase
Impact App
Impact is all about Get Fit. Do Good. Earn Rewards. The impact app makes daily health meaningful and rewarding. Earn
We offer a SaaS platform to build a D2C Shopping APP in 15-Min along with payment and Logistic integrations and
OPM is a content and IP creation studio with a focus on creating digital drama series for OTT platforms like
We are a recombinant DNA Biotechnology company. At our core is Molecular Cloning that allows genetic engineering of DNA and
We are the gateway to India's $10 bn youth economy, a 5+ years B2B2C company helping brands effectively target and
India’s first district level job search platform that connects workforce with job opportunities at the source location, enabling them to
Opu labs
OPU is a decentralized platform for the healthcare data economy. OPU empowers patients, researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals around the
the yarn bazaar
We are a B2B HOLISTIC YARN MARKETPLACE, offering trading, lending, logistics, and market intelligence services, all under one roof. We
We are about Intelligent Vision for all, we streamline and bring intelligence to all video sensors, throughout its lifecycle, regardless
MotorBeam is a passion driven, influencer platform with 5mn+ cumulative subscriber base, for an automobile user or enthusiast. We address
Wholesome Habits Private Limited, which owns the brand “EAT Anytime” and “Mindful ” is amongst the “Top healthy snacking companies”
Enabling Fitness Professionals & Businesses to go D2C. We are a social commerce platform for health and wellness where “fitness
India’s Leading Vegan & Vegetarian Health Wellness Co.; essentially a vegan family health brand.
We are a subscription based unified D-I-F-M platform for SMEs / freelancers to go digital.  We offer all-inclusive packages ranging
ACEXAM is a marketplace for the next generation of learning by topper educators.
Loan kuber
A Micro Mortgage Lending Platform offering micro loans against residential property
At Flo Mobility, we are building an autonomous tech stack that can be applied to two wheelers, delivery bots and
A SaaS product for business enterprises that acts as a business Growth Visualizer and Analytical tool.
Building India’s healthiest D2C brand of Dairy products by using the most modern and international practices. We have a full
Our premise is to create beautiful ad experiences without having to compromise on quality or revenues.
We are a One-stop doctor based mobile vaccination clinic; we create hospital-like sterile setups near communities to provide vaccination services.
Zenik learning
Zenik Learning is a structured platform to equip students with FUTURE-SKILLS and prepare them for the real world. We have
First U logo
FirstU is a super app that is aggregating all the vehicle owners onto one single platform through a highly frequent
Evocus logo
We are building India’s first wellness “functional foods” brand. Our first product is a premium multifunctional nutrient drink which is
Moonshine Mead
We have re-introduced the world to the world’s oldest alcohol, mead (Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey
crebaco logo
CREBACO is a research, rating and intelligence company focused on emerging technologies mainly blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company aims at
Brainbout logo
We are a social quizzing platform for corporates, schools and brands for engagement and learning. Our proprietary technology and growing
Aawaaz logo
We are SPOTIFY FOR हिन्दी NEWS. World’s first AI based solution to generate हिन्दी, हिnglish news in near human audio
Strutt logo
Strutt is the purveyor of the finest quality travel bags and accessories under one brand thus becoming the first-ever one-stop
ROC logo
Republic of Chicken is a leading fresh meat brand having presence in North India with more than 65 stores across
Expertrons logo
A Netflix for careers, we bring career hacks and wisdom from top professionals ('Experts') to students, graduates, and upcoming professionals
an AI based Virtual Legal Assistant for Legal Professionals offering
an AI-powered school management and learning platform. We enable affordable access to technology infrastructure for schools and aim to synchronise
Springlake mart logo
a retail technology venture focussing on transforming Grocery Stores & Supermarkets through a common technology platform and supply chain.