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an AI based Virtual Legal Assistant for Legal Professionals offering
an AI-powered school management and learning platform. We enable affordable access to technology infrastructure for schools and aim to synchronise
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a retail technology venture focussing on transforming Grocery Stores & Supermarkets through a common technology platform and supply chain.
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Designer & manufacturer of Electronic Vehicles.
Ben and Gaws provide next-gen manufacturing of ‘green’ storage solutions for dry bulk solid and liquid along with grain processing
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Professional Drones for Enterprises
It enables FMCG/CPG brands to deliver physical product samples to digitally targeted consumers.
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AI Powered 1 :1 Virtual Training Anywhere, Anytime. Our value proposition: get more effective workouts anywhere, anytime with AI-powered individualised
It is a platform for everything your pet needs. We aim to build a "Chewy" in India
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We are an exclusive digital marketplace for used & new commercial vehicles in India. . Used Vehicles: Online subscriptions for
Building a Harvest Intelligence and Supply Analytics driven Fruits n Vegetables Supply Chain
We are a platform for content creators, disrupting content monetization, and essentially building financial security for “content creators.” We are
Happilo- delight in every bite
Happilo International, a “Gourmet snacking” brand offering Tasty – Flavourful – NATURALLY HEALTHY - contemporary packing in nuts, seeds, berries, snack packs, trail
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We offer IoT and analytics software products as SaaS for Clean Energy Generation, Storage and Consumption i.e., OEMs of batteries
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We are an OPEN Risk platform using proprietary algorithms to compute the Risk in an Investment OR Trade Transaction- targeting
We are a Platform to Accelerate Manufacturing Business CONNECT-INTERFACE-TEAMUP; we are essentially a subscription-based technology platform to connect manufacturing industries
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Transforming Pharma & Medical Supply Chain; we are a demandaggregation platform from medical shops to help them in their daily
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AYA (As You Are) is a SAFE space for LGBTQ Matchmaking.
Aavejak offers a unique Revenue Based Funding (RBF) funding model for revenue making start-ups and SMEs focused on creating value
Grano 69
Proost69 is our Beer brand, and we plan to disrupt the beer market in the country through our delightful beers
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DIGITAL TWIN PLATFORM FOR ENTERPRISES Fabrik operates at the intersection of enterprise AR, digital twins, and Industry 4.0. We use
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Fero is a B2B SaaS global play in the freight & logistics space. We have created products using Ai that
Healthfin is creating an Integrated one stop financing solution for healthcare exigencies Innovative Business Model: Serve the uninsured and underinsured
Cross Border Kitchens (CBK) is a multi-vertical food-tech company. We operate multiple brands to include all considerations sets, Indian Curry,
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We offer Integrated video commerce and interactive live streaming enabling BRANDS to Digitize & sell; Interact & promote; and Measure
IndieTap Tutor2.0 - India’s first Synchronous, Live, On-demand, and Copyrighted Tutoring Experience. Issues that plague the cluttered global “tutoring” market
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We are a deep-tech solution offering the following answers in situational awareness in mobility & transportation.
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BUSINESS SUMMARY: Allrites offers Content-As-a-Service (CaaS) whereby streaming platforms can subscribe to a volume of content for a fixed monthly
iDD lOGO AS feature image
BUSINESS SUMMARY: IDD is a Clinical research organization (CRO). ISMART, is a fully integrated end-to-end SASS tool that increases the
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BUSINESS SUMMARY: Interact with world’s most extraordinary personalities. UNLU enables fans and brands to engage ONE-TO-ONE with celebrities through Video
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BUSINESS SUMMARY: We aim to revolutionise Insurance Selling the digital way. A B2B2C model, we provide our technology and operational prowess
BUSINESS SUMMARY: SaaS platform to create world’s most advanced Virtual Public Events & Expos. A HubSpot for Virtual Public Events
BUSINESS SUMMARY: We are building India's first Fingerprinted soil to market agri-produce brand. Not just a Farms to Fork! Traceable
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Our cross-border business experience makes us amongst a very limited set of companies in India who have deep cross border
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EXXAR is an enterprise SAAS product that addresses the problem of collaborative business communication using VR/AR. EXXAR CAD product focuses
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EduGorilla provides Vernacular Online Mock Tests with an emphasis on State Level Exams. These tests are available in a subscription