The entrepreneur journey that starts from the “best idea ever” and goes through a roller coaster of ups and downs is what we strive to be part of.

Our goal is to handhold and take the startup upto $100mil valuation with as little burn as possible . We work towards making the enterprise scalable and refundable. The startup gets Venture Garage as a partner, an approach that is very different from that of Accelerators and Incubation programs.

Since raising capital is a continuous activity, we bring is our capability to engage parallelly for subsequent rounds so on-going capital raising for your startup becomes a lot easier and faster.

Angel Funding

Get access to our network of 1500+ active Angel Investors to get a boost to your startup journey in its early stage.

VC/PE Funding

Ideal for startups that have their base sorted and want to grow now, our network of 1000+ VC/PE funds are here to help you scale.

Strategic Investment/M&A

Tap our network of 150+ Corporates/Large Enterprises to raise strategic capital/exit your venture.

Our Ideology

We believe in HANDHOLDING startups through their early years and focus on 4 key thrust areas of building a fundable story, market access (GTM), product & business strategy, with the end goal of raising capital to scale.

What We Look For






A simple 7 step process

Stage 1

Send Teaser to the selected Investors

Stage 2

Send complete IM to Investors who show interest

Stage 3

Multiple rounds of discussions with Investors

Stage 4

Improvise Business Model and IM based on feedback

Stage 5

Term Sheet

Stage 6

Due Diligence

Stage 7

Fund Raise

What We Offer

$50k to $50mil

Seed to Series A/B

Strategic Investments/M&A

Multiple Geographies

Quick Turnaround Time

Partner Approach

Sector Agnostic

What More

“…Our startup support team is here to help you with GTM,Technology, Recruitment, Marketing and much more ….”

100,000+ CXOs, Business Owners & Decision makers to generate sales/business and do strategic tie-ups for rapid growth. You can use the network to find customers. You can also use our network for digital marketing activities such as emailers, social media posts & PR.

Vivek Kumar

It’s almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it almost always takes longer. So plan for that.

Vivek Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO – Venture Garage