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VG-Angels is a part of Venture Garage is a private network of 500+ angel investors. At Venture Garage, we help start-ups in scaling and fundraising using our strong network of 1000+ VCs, HNIs, Family Offices & Angel Investors who invest $50K to $7mil in Seed to Series A rounds.

How does it work?

Why VGangels?

Top Quality Start-ups
Since our goal is series A, we evaluate start-ups from that perspective. Often, we bring opportunities where part rounds are committed by institutional / marquee investors. We receive
1500+ opportunities annually and we work with about 50.
Ensuring the right quality paperwork is done, financial rights are protected etc.
Possible secondary opportunitiesAdvisory
as well on industry / VC outlook.

VG-Angels Pitch Day is a series of online pitch days designed for angel investors to check highly curated deals without going through the nuisances of evaluating ā€˜nā€™ number of startups. To know about our upcoming pitch session or more about it- visit:

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