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At Flo Mobility, we are building an autonomous tech stack that can be applied to two wheelers, delivery bots and other use cases where slim and sleek bots need to navigate in crowded, unstructured environments.

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar Vivek is the CEO at VENTURE GARAGE and works with early stage business in scaling & fund-raising After careers in Research & Retail have been an Online entrepreneur for some time. He currently spend most of his time working with owners of small 



Since 2022, we are working with large Enterprises, Unicorns and Corporates to drive strategic investments, mergers & acquisitions – a route for our investors to exit their investments.  VG Corporate partners with Corporates to acquire Startup enterprises with a goal to:

  • Stay ahead of emerging trends and technology to enhance current business lines.
  • Get into adjacent business lines, new business areas.
  • Bring-in “great” teams.
  • Build a funnel for corporate venture capital investments.

Key Strategic Investments in our Portfolio

Wings Lifestyle

Nodwin Gaming
A subsidiary of Nazara Technologies

Company XX

to be disclosed soon

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Expand your Clientele/Customer base

Strengthen your Product/Offering

Stay ahead of Competition

Opportunities to grow your

Expand your Geographical

Forward and Backward integrate your business