Venture Garage gives you multiple reasons to start investing with us

Startups are the heart and soul of our economy, our workforce, and our innovation; investing in them allows investors to give back, diversify their holdings into high-risk/high-return options, and engage in a more enjoyable activity than buying stocks and real estate.

Be a part of the expanding group of VG investors who are supporting the upcoming wave of promising entrepreneurs based your interests in 3 ways:

Venture Garage

For VCs/PEs/Family Offices

For Angels

For Strategic / Corporates

Why Us

Highly curated startups stringently filtered

Multiple sectors, stages, geographies

No Joining Fee

High quality founders

Opportunities to get involved and leverage your expertise

Deal Filtration Process

Funneling 3000+ opportunities annually to work with about 20-25 to ensure we end up with strong and resilient founders who come with strong referrals, in high growth business areas.

80% deals are weak propositions screened out immediately in 1st level filtration
Investment Leads @VG interact with the remaining 20% to assess them on parameters such as Team, Market Opportunity, Business Model & differentiation
Partners @VG speak one-on-one with founders and also bounce off these opportunities with seasoned investors and sector experts
Finally, top 2% of the investment opportunities are showcased to investors