Tensor Dynamics

Tensor Dynamics

About Us

We are a Climate Data Analytics company transforming the renewable power sector with its integrated Weather Data, Analytics, and GIS platform, SkyCaster.
SKYCASTERâ„¢ empowers the industry by:
-> Monitoring and managing renewable energy assets.
-> Providing actionable insights through Generative AI
-> Offering an accurate predictive Weather API.
-> Enabling AI-driven analytics.
-> Facilitating dynamic GIS capabilities.

The global power sector, facing annual losses of $3.2 billion in India alone, seeks a robust solution for challenges from rising renewable energy penetration and climate change.



Co-Founder & CEO

Expertise in Numerical Weather Prediction, leadership, project management, and Matlab. Holds an MTech in Atmospheric Sciences from IIT Delhi.

Co-Founder & CGO

Renewable Energy expert with skills in operations, financing, grid security, resource forecasting, and AI-based plant optimization. Holds a Masters in Sustainable Energy from Delft University. Experienced in stakeholder engagement and holistic opportunity evaluation in the sector.


Holds a Masters in Sustainable Energy from IIT Delhi. Developed electricity load forecasting framework for North Indian grid, short-term/long-term climate forecasting models for solar/wind. Proficient in data analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning, and Python.