About Us

Symviq’s AI-powered Platform offers a comprehensive analysis of retinal images for biomarkers of various chronic diseases in a single scan.

Partnering with hospitals, optical chains, and government healthcare facilities for widespread reach. Enabling preventative measures and timely treatment for improved outcomes. This aligns with India’s focus on proactive healthcare to prioritize prevention.

India’s chronic disease diagnostic market presents a vast opportunity, mirroring a global TAM of $10.2 billion. The demand for accessible, AI-powered solutions like Symviq’s is primed for significant growth, driven by the aging population and the urgent need for preventative approaches..




Brings 20+ years of healthcare leadership experience, a robust publication record (100 papers, 11,000+ citations), and a successful grant funding history (18.6 million AUD) with expertise in algorithm development for genomics and cancer research.


With over 18+ years of experience. He has a prolific record of 120 papers, 15 patents, and 10,000 citations. He led large-scale healthcare AI initiatives and played a key role in developing IBM Watson Health products.


With over 10 years of experience, She excels at forging partnerships, establishing collaborations with hospitals across India and leveraging patient data. Her work with Clingen on public scientific databases further enhances Symviq’s capabilities.