About Us

India’s leading Drone-As-A-Service aggregator, renowned for its innovative and diverse solutions spanning from thermal imaging to Industry 4.0 services.

Celebrated with accolades like the NDRF Award for Bravery and recognition from global figures such as Elon Musk, Garuda Aerospace’s vision is clear: to elevate India’s standing in the global drone industry.

Funding Update: A leading family office has invested. Clocked 47Cr revenue in FY23 and expected closure of FY’24 at 120Cr+, Garuda will utilize the funds to process the orders booked.

The global commercial drone market is expected to surge at a CAGR of ~22% by 2025, with North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific capturing around 80% of this market. Key sectors like Industry 4.0 and agriculture are driving this growth. Garuda Aerospace, with its diverse drone applications, is primed to capitalize on this expansive market potential across various industries..



Founder & CEO

Harvard Alumni, Mechanical Engineer & Managed companies valued over $ 100 Million. Awardee of UN Young Leader and Forbes 30Under 30 Awardee.

Chief Investment Growth Officer

Over 18 years of experience in Investments, Strategic acquisitions, JVs and M&A across Asia and Middle East region, Pre IP and IPO background.

Chief Product Officer

Ex-Executive Director of HAL, Board Member/Chairman on JVs with Rolls Royce and Safran and over 37 years of experience.

Chief Product Officer

Ex KPMG, CA, Corporate Governance and Financial Modelling.