Jadooz is a cinema and entertainment company, with the goal of capturing the next billion in India, giving them their first experiences in VR and Cinema in Tier 2 and 3 cities

It is the first company in India creating a chain of entertainment, education and gaming destination for the masses and fill this gap.

Problem Statement and Future

95 percent of India is devoid of any Entertainment Destination for the purpose of Films -V Experiences and a Café for people to go. We build and operate these integrated destinations where a family of three can watch a new movie, have chai Nashta and savour an out of the world
VR experience. The venture is centric to Entertainment, F&B and VR with technology, content, design and operations as the base.

Brand Ambassadors: Padmashree Shobana, Ravi Kishan, Niruaha, Rannvijay


CEO: B-Tech NIT, Tech Leader / Movie Producer, CEO/ Tech, and content operations
COO: BE BITS Pilani. Brief stints at JP Morgan and Growisto
Advisor: Architect- SPA; IIT Delhi; Yale, Ex McKinsey, Ex Levi’s Strauss, Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Projects, Revenue Operations