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About Us

With several multiple blue-chip customers, we are enabling private 5G networks for enterprise scale plants, factories, transportation systems and powering industrial 4.0 automation through software driven infrastructure.

We are proud to call ourselves 100% made in India and are India’s first private 5G network deployed at coal mines. Our goal is to enable CIO/CTOs to power autonomous operations through reliable and extremely low latency LAN with all the existing advantages of public wireless 5G networks.

The global market for private 5G networks is valued at $2Bn growing at a CAGR of 50%+ and expected to reach ~$12Bn by 2028.
Several mission-critical applications require access to low latency ultra-reliable networks that are not available today. Some use cases that require private 5G networks include – Industrial Robotics, Time-sensitive networking, real-time networking, remote surgeries, autonomous vehicles and many more.




Bringing 15+ years of experience working with telecommunication carriers with leadership and domain expertise. Ex-head of telco 2.0, Ex-Accenture.


First principles thinker, 2X founder and HEC Paris Alumnus with extensive experience advising large scale enterprises on technology strategy in 5G, IOTs, high performance software architecture.