About Us

We are helping buyers to choose eco friendly products. we are a sustainability rating platform, capable of rating any product/service on the basis of United Nations’ 17 SDG framework. We have positioned ourselves to become the Bloomberg terminal in every office, assisting companies in making sustainability related decisions using our patentable proprietary model.

The higher the rating of the product, the better the sustainability performance of the product or service.

  •  Methodology aligned with global standards
  •  Percentile ranking for comparison within industry category
  •  Dynamic rating based on customer reviews
  •  ESG scorecard

We see an existing opportunity in the global market of ESG reporting at over USD 700 Mn, growing at a CAGR of ~16% to reach USD 1.5Bn by 2027 and USD 2.1 Bn by 2030. Although the existence of around 45,000 listed companies globally is a ready market, 334 Mn SMEs also present a black box of opportunities.



Co-Founder & CEO

2X founder and alma mater of ISB. Started the career at McKinsey as a research analyst. Founder of an exited Hospitality business.

Co-Founder & COO

2X founder, and IIM graduate. Started a Hospitality and travel business in 2005, and excited in 2021 via IPO scaling the company to USD 60Mn in ARR. He also designed, developed and operated a B2B SaaS application that involved significant web mining, data scraping and big data management.

Co-Founder & CGO

After graduating from Delhi University, worked at Brand Capital for 15+ years managing a large portfolio yielding high growth returns.

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