Building FMCG Brands for Bharat.

Playing in white spaces left by national brands, we are creating “value for money brands” for “Urban Bharat.” Our focus is on the unmet and aspirational FMCG needs of the Urban Bharat consumer, a hugely underserved market segment.


Zaroor: Family of ‘Achcha aur Kifayati’ Products
-> Sidedish Our snack brand. Targeting the sub Rs 10 snacks, a Rs. 25,000 cr. category in India. Fresh Spicy Indian flavours, flavours changed regularly. Attractive packaging. Rs. 5. High volume segment.
-> SurePure: Affordable, High-Quality Staples. Machine cleaned quality certified products. bright, high-quality packaging. defined specifications & rigorous quality checks. smaller pack sizes.
-> Washeez & Cleanbay: Effective, Familiar products in cleaning. High quality & Safe quality certified products. Familiar packaging, colors & aroma. Similar composition as big brands. Priced at par with local products.


-> We have a strong Data Led Product Building Playbook. We add consumer research to this and identify whitespaces and product attributes.
-> Portfolio approach and tech enabled distribution to generate better ROI for the supply chain. Our system creates value for all stake holders: Retailer, traditional distributor, and a new-age distributor.


CO-FOUNDER-1: IIT KGP, ISB. Ninjacart, Exited his venture to Shopx Ex-founder, Sales & consulting experience (leading BD).
CO-FOUNDER-2: NITK, IIMA, eBay, Ninjacart. Ex-founder, Strong vendor management & expansion setup experience (leading 0 to 1 journey for brand launches)
CO-FOUNDER-3: IIMK,Sun Microsystems, Goldman Sachs, Ninjacart. Tech and Finance experience (ex-CFO, Ninjacart) – leads technology, ops, and business finance.
CO-FOUNDER-4 : IITD, IIMA, Wipro, Ninjacart. Brand management experience (leading brand building/management)

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