Vdezi provides end-to-end solutions to businesses to sell globally across 80+ countries by bringing together 18+ marketplaces ( Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Wish , Bonanza, etc.), Cloud retail POS, 10 Logistics partners, Payments, Warehousing etc. on a single platform.

Cross-border eCommerce is often very lucrative and delivers better unit economics; however, very few businesses look at cross-border due to challenges of market access, logistics, warehousing, regulatory complexities and payment and operations. In fact, most top eCommerce marketplaces are also not equipped to handle international sellers directly due to logistics, payments, currency, compliance and customer satisfaction issues.


>> Trade Network
>> Multiple Patents Pending
>> Global Partnerships in every Target Market
>> Complete end to end Technology
>> Only true AI solution for Ecommerce


>> Diversified revenue streams. SAAS Platform revenues, Commission per order, Logistics as a Service, Business Intelligence, Technology implementation fees for enterprise customers, VAS for marketing

>>Technology as a competitive moat. The deep domain expertise combined with the proprietary technology
created a massive competitive advantage as well as long term and sustainable revenue stream.

>>Strategy and ecosystem as a competitive moat. We have partnered with/ are partnering with a large number of ecosystem partners in each geography, offering flexible solutions that will take significant time to replicate.


Led ecommerce businesses across 21 Countries for Rocket Internet, INSEAD MBA & top Ecommerce Expert worldwide, ex-Indian Navy officer.

Media & Operations Expert. Used to run her own Ads Production house for 15 yrs.

Director Global Platform:
33 years of experience. Led one of the Largest Retail businesses worldwide for 9 years. Specialized in the Middle East, China.

VP Marketing:
Deloitte and Citi Bank. Ecommerce entrepreneur.

Expertise in Positioning Enterprise Solutions, Sales, Business Dev across top companies in India.