Urban Farm

Urban Farm


We are building India’s first Fingerprinted soil to market agri-produce brand. Not just a Farms to Fork! Traceable & differentiated produces so that you know where it is coming from, grown under what conditions & most importantly how safe it is for you!
>> A combination of technology, supply chain, retail, branding & industry connect, we have created a robust supply chain (spread across 40000+ farmers and 10 states) standing on the foundation of Unique technology right from traceable seeds, to traceable farms for mass production  without even going for contract farming.
>> We are mapped to the demand side via a strong retailer network & B2C brand app

The opportunity: Problems such as these persist in our food supply chain: The food supply chain is broken in India with no tech implementation. In case of contamination recall not possible as source cannot be traced. Multiple intermediaries add to delays in delivery and food wastage, affecting pricing.


>> Created a non-replicable process unique to Urban Farm & an ecosystem so that traceability even without contract farming is possible and mapped on blockchain fingerprinting
>> Years of hard work has gone into strengthening the supply chain nationwide which is quite difficult in a complex geo-political situation in India has now been mapped to the demand side right from farms across the country.


We are the founding team of Kasturi Diamond – only profitable online Diamond & Gold Jewelry brand in India with 90+ retail footprint across 6 states.
Co-Founder: 14+ yrs in FMCG & Telecom Sales. Ex-Regional Sales Head at Reliance Telecom. Ex Tata tele. Co-founder Kasturi diamond. Comes from a family of FMCG businesses with intensive retailing experience.
Co-Founder: Experience across Telecom, IT, FMCG and former co-founder Kasturi Diamond. Been a growth consultant for various companies ranging from e-commerce to real estate primarily focusing on synergizing online & offline business growth. Was one of the few 100% scholarship recipients for MS from the prestigious University of RIT, NY, USA. IIM Indore.
Co-Founder: 7+ yrs. in Operations. Co-founded Kasturi Diamond and successfully scaled it to a national brand. Experience in scaling operations & specializes in developing operations across multiple departments. Engineer.