Industry defining, Smart e-bike that combines the benefits of a Regular, Electric, and an In-home bike, powered by a super engaging, experience platform.

Toutche’s ebike is designed and made to be a perfect Active Lifestyle companion, attracting both enthusiasts and non-users of bicycles. Toutche will win for the following reasons:

  • Global, experiential brand, that builds deep association and relevance with its target audience
  • Clear and unique positioning to lead the premium, experience segment in India whilst competition is crowding the low-cost segment
  • Experience Platform, Indoor/Outdoor bike, Indigenous design & make, Automotive grade assurance for customers, are sustainable and scalable USPs in India and International markets
  • Experience platform is one of its kind, and can become an independent revenue stream (licensable)



The global ebike market was valued at $20bil (17+mil units) in 2020; estimated to be $75+bil (100+mil units) in the next 5 years. The Indian market is nascent, estimated to be $40+mil (100K+ units) in 2021 but surging rapidly towards $10+bil (20+ mil units) by 2030.


COFOUNDER & CEO: IIM-B. 21+ years Tech sector with roles across Partnerships, Client Portfolio (P&L) management, Sales, Marketing, Product & Design. Worked with global tech cos Cognizant, Sonata, Coforge, and with Microsoft, AWS, Google & Adobe
COFOUNDER & CHIEF ENGINEER: Passionate Engineer with 22+ years in Computer Aided Engineering, Structural Analysis (FEM), Optimization, Vehicle Engineering. Spearheaded India’s first bike sharing initiative; working for Altair, Supercar.
HANDLES TOUTCHE CONNECTED PLATFORM: Passionate Technologist with 15+ years in IoT, Firmware Development and Embedded Systems; Entrepreneur for most of this career delivering cutting edge solutions to global names such as Schneider, Bosch, Toshiba, Ingersoll Rand and Tata Motors

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