Tango Eye

Tango Eye
Tango Eye

We are the world’s first AI powered E- Manager helping physical spaces achieve Business Excellence by way of Customer Analytics & SOP Compliance.

Connected for Workspace Efficiency, Tango Eye helps in understanding the digital data and gives intelligence to the raw file.

  • Pick any features from our E-Manager such as identifying the Footfall, contact less attendance, suspicious activity to prevent theft and unwanted activity on the premise, intrusion detection, SOP compliance, leftover baggage notification, live alerts & traceability etc.
  • Subscription-based model, focused more on the safety & security features, making the environment safe, complete with real-time alerts, dashboard, and traceability.
  • We charge on a per camera basis
  • Plug & Play model where our software integrates into the existing infrastructure of the client leading to zero additional cost.
  • Through remote access, we are prepared to scale to multiple locations and across the globe
  • We have an expanding and customisable list of KPIs.



 The global video analytics market is projected to be USD 12 Billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 20% during the period of 2020-2025.


  • Product Architecture.
  • Plug & Play Integration – No Capex. 3 days Go Live.
  • Easily Scalable. High Accuracy. Efficiency as a service. Control Tower Monitoring.
  • Expanding list of KPIs. SAAS Pay as you use. 24×7 Support.


FOUNDER & CEO: Boston University School of Management. Ex-Credit Suisse NY. Drove the development of several trading analytics tools while at CS, helping hedge funds understand market trends and trading patterns.
CTO: INSEAD. Analytics software professional with 21+ years in organizations such as TCS, Honeywell, SAS Institute, Infosys R&D and BNY Mellon Technology. Co-founded analytics startup InstaData. Prior to that he was heading machine learning and Big Data vertical in BNY Mellon Technology.
COO: She envisions the product roadmap, feature, and its definition and as an individual she is a customer delighter overall. Ex. QA from Hewlett Packard Inc, India. MS Software Engineer from VIT University.
CBDO: Partner and operations manager at Mishita holdings, a franchise operating Miniso stores. 5+ years in operations at Nestlé, providing strategic decision support to the entire value chain covering Supply Chain, Technical, Sales & Marketing.

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