We are building a
reliable study help platform that helps every college student prepare for any assignment/exam for
any course in the shortest possible time.

We are a US based startup.

Sector: EDTECH


  1. Curated high quality study resources deeply tagged with concepts/fundamentals
  2. Verified Answers
  3. Personalized, course specific frameworks for learning
  4. Short practice assessments to quickly evaluate understanding


On campus study help resources are few and provide limited assistance. We have an OBTAINABLE market of $3 bn targeting 15 mil+ students in North American public and private colleges.


CEO: Stanford, Harvard Grad with 13+ years of leadership experience in this domain with Chegg, Course Hero INC. Ex-Quora. Ex-Facebook.
CPO: MS Electrical Engineering. Univ. of Virginia. Decade of experience in AI and ML. Data scientist roles in Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, GoFundMe.
CTO: IIT-D Graduate with a decade of experience building edtech and ecommerce companies. Engineering and architect roles in Trell, ICICI innovation lab, Testbook, Adobe.

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