Smart Health

Smart Health

SmartHealth is a Healthcare Knowledge Intelligence System. Smarthealth takes all the data across time and setting and converts it into a common terminology using AI and ML. This helps in converting unstructured data to structured data

SmartHealth Features

-Full AI/ML based analytical solutions unlike tech platforms or niche solutions.

-It has a Modular Structure for easy adoption by various B2B target audiences involved in the business of health and wellness.

-Key features such as Live workflow integration for CPOE (plug revenue leakage), Real-time intervention for patient outcomes, Real-world evidence, Clinical decision support system at point of care for Doctor, Predictive analytics provide a competitive edge to Smarthealth.


Founder: He has worked extensively in healthcare policy making and administration as a consultant to the Dental Council of India and has presented on several occasions to the Union Health Minister, erstwhile Planning Commission of India, the National Knowledge Commission Health Task Force, ICMR. He is member of the national clinical establishment council and has tendered evidence to the parliamentary sub-committee on health. He has been a member of the Evidence based healthcare Oxford, UK since 2000.

Co-Founder and COO: He has an experience of 21 years in global market intelligence and analytics across domains: setting up and running new businesses.

Co-Founder and CTO: He has 27 years’ experience in global technology companies, in services and product development: setting up and running new businesses (for 17 years) of upto 500 staff; experience in product engg., sales & marketing and operations. His past experiences include: Ex-MD at Everett, Ex-COO at LG CNS Global, LG Soft, Empower Corporation, ORG-MARG, Planet Software, and RJK Group.