Building a first of a kind “Learn –
Discover – Earn” Real Estate Super App that enables customers to invest in professionally vetted fractionalized real estate

We are based in UAE.


–> Fractionalized, AI driven, block chain based, real estate investment platform. Democratizing real estate investment in a simple, transparent & digitally enabled manner
–> Provide capital appreciation & cash flow opportunities to users excluded from the real estat economy.
–> An easy 3-step signup and 3 step purchase process. 0 click investor returns. 0 intermediaries to deal with. No brokers, brokers, land departments etc. Auto invest, financing and BNPL options


Real Estate is the most Aspiration & emotional assets class, however real estate Investments are inaccessible to over 400 million people globally due to high entry point, complex transactions, lack of transparency and liquidity issues. We see the obtainable market of $ 8 Bn AUM in the next 7 years.


FOUNDER & CEO: Boston University. 22+ years of tech entrepreneurial experience in tech, mobility, and consulting. Built 4 startups previously with office in Dubai, KSA, Amsterdam & US with customer like HSBC, P&G, Saudi Aramco and 500. Role – strategy, tech and GTM.
COFOUNDER & CHIEF GROWTH OFFICER: Over 30 years in leading multi country GTM for listed tech companies. Ex MD Microsoft. Ex SVP Sage, Ex MD coats digital. Leadership team in tech unicorn sale’21. Led GTM in 80+ countries. Role – GTM, Customer acquisition, overall growth.
COFOUNDER & CHIEF REAL ESTATE OFFICER: MD Cushman & Wakefield US. 22+ years in real-estate. Executed over $14 Bn+ worth transactions directly.
GLOBAL CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER IN TECH: Ex US Judge, Ex General Counsel Facebook (Meta), Current CLO Coinbase. World’s leading expert on regulators. Part of the core team that grew Coinbase users from 50 M to 100 M.
GLOBAL CEO: Built companies & brands in Aviation, Capital Markets. Arton capital, Aurora Aviation, Creative Zone.

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