Building lightning-quick, savvy games in the Strategy genre that you have never played before (based on Game Theory).

Strategy is the top genre pick of gamers who play for rewards.

Sector: GAMING

At Savvology, our aim is to create pure skill-based strategy games, where you can control your outcome better.


Market Saturated with the same roster of games (fantasy, rummy, carrom, poker, pool etc.) and is looking for diversification.


GetMega, QuizWin, Qureka, Zupee and other pure skills-based casual strategy RMG apps.


More than 50% of the players win | No luck involved | Diversification | No Dominant Strategy


GAME DESIGN & MARKETING: Designed a financial literacy game for Standard & Poor’s CRISIL. Played by 250,000+ people in 850+ villages and 35+ towns. Ex-Co-Founder, Stratagem & Wolfe. Consulted on Growth Marketing for keto meal-delivery client to acquire first 15,000 paying customers. Ex-Co-Founder, DoubtsApp. Marketing and User Acquisition. 45k+ downloads with 36k+ sign-ups in 3 months. 
PRODUCT: ex-Newton Mail (5 million+ downloads, 50,000+ subscribers paying $50 per year on avg). Acquired by Essential, owned by Andy Rubin, co-founder, Android. ex-Cofounder, Stratagem & Wolfe. Designed an ERP system for a keto meal delivery client to automate their entire offline value chain. ex-Cofounder, DoubtsApp. Head of product, responsible for the end-to-end product experience, flow, and feature roadmap. 

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