Republic of Chicken

Republic of Chicken is a leading fresh meat brand having presence in North India with more than 65 stores across 20 cities of Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, and HP.

Our Chicken Seekh kebabs are the best in the country, we have the uniqueness of yummy Mutton Seekh kebab that no brand is selling.


Unregulated meat markets, inadequate slaughter-house hygiene measures, and the lack of surveillance of meat-borne diseases are the most pressing issues. 95% of the meat market remains unorganised with 20K+ slaughter-houses unregulated and lacking basic amenities.


We are the only D2Cbrand in the country that maintains high efficiency in chicken value chain while maintaining the healthiest bird weight of 1.2-1.7 kg.


Co- Founder & CEO: Product development & market strategy. 20+ years as a food entrepreneur. 8 years with an MNC (Ferrero).
Co- Founder & COO: CA. Management, operations & Finance. 13+ years. KPMG, BMR, Maruti, Daikin, BMW.

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