RevFin is Convenient, Accessible Loans. RevFin is a digital lending NBFC that writes Small – unsecured – short term – often unplanned – personal loans with fast turnaround in under-served loan segments through their own book.


1.      Customer in control: 100% self-serve digital process which is simple and intuitive

2.      Gamification: Uses the concept of ‘Gamification’ to encourage good payment behaviour.

3.      Niche Segments: Targeting non-typical loan segments

4.      High Access: Financial inclusion: beat the market approval rate at lower level of bad debt


Founder is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, and has worked in consumer lending for 12 years, most of which were spent working in London with HSBC. His expertise lies in – product profitability management, credit risk and analytics. He also has strong knowledge of marketing, finance and IT.