Prosports11 engages Sports Fans via Gamification. Our innovations Leverage Analytics & Technology to gamify the Sports fan experience. Built by a team of IIT-IIM alumnus with deep domain experience in gaming, analytics and technology, our multiple innovations are solving key pain points of sports fans in the current fantasy setup:

Pain Points

Pain Point 1: Gameplay Fatigue
a) Draft Fantasy – Introducing a poker table feel to fantasy, 4 players competing with each
other to select an exclusive team.
b) Multi Match Fantasy – Game Week format of fantasy

Pain Point 2: Specific time availability for Match
c) Backup Mode – Introducing an extra layer of selecting your Bench so the player doesn’t have
to wait till the toss
d) Historic Simulation based Fantasy – Introducing anytime fantasy, playing on historical

Pain Point 3: Sports fan losing money on fantasy platform
e) Smart Pick – Extensive stats & analytics on upcoming and past matches
f) ML backed decision helper – A ML engine to help with team creation, player stats & decisions

Pain Point 4: Little or no engagement during/after the match
g) Power Play – Realtime prediction games to earn rewards
h) Sports Quizzes

Team C

CEO: An IIM Calcutta alumnus. Ex-Portfolio Manager at Edelweiss with 10 years of Quant trading & HFT modelling experience, setup Algorithmic trading desk at Edelweiss

New Product Initiatives: An IIM Lucknow alumnus, he has setup up and led the product team of 9stacks, India’s 4th biggest online poker platform. Previously, he was a currency
derivatives trader with Edelweiss.

CTO: IIT Mumbai Alumnus with experience of 6 years in Low Latency Technology and Research Infrastructure

Analytics: Columbia University alumnus with extensive experience in quantitative research and machine learning