Pick My Work

Pick My Work

We are a digital distribution network for internet companies to acquire
customers at 1/10th the cost through a pay-per-sale model.


Think of us like end-to-end ecommerce platform for sale of all digital products. We offer seamless client onboarding and tech enabled agent payouts for audited fraud-free sales outcomes
–> Partner Management: QR for sales. Recommendation engine. Online training. Aadhar verification. WhatsApp bot for hiring & engagement. Automated UPI based payouts.
–> Task verification: Fraud detection algorithms. Real-time negative feedback. AI powered audits. API with google sheets, calendar. Auto generated invoicing.


For Internet Companies to acquire customers, Social Media Marketing is expensive and often doesn’t lead to transacting users. Having an in-house sales team is not an alternative either as it becomes a challenge to open offices, hire and train sales teams. Internet companies could be spending anywhere between 10-40% of revenues in customer acquisition, making it a $6 Billion+ annual market just in India.


CEO | PRODUCT: Led Product Dev Teams at Deloitte for Biogen, Revlon in the US & Europe. Received Project Delivery awards at Deloitte, GE. FMS Delhi, VIT
CSO | BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Delivered US$37 million sales for Club Mahindra, one of the largest Indian conglomerates. Part of the Shadow Board at Mahindra Group. FMS Delhi, NIT KKR.
COO | Operations: Built hospitals for CK Birla Group. Managed On-ground teams for Astra Zeneca. Medical doctor with ICU experience. IIM Ahmedabad, Calcutta Medical College.

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