AI Powered 1 :1 Virtual Training Anywhere, Anytime. Our value proposition: get more effective workouts anywhere, anytime with AI-powered individualised fitness training.

Physique uses any smartphone’s front camera to analyse body movements in real-time and
>> Gives instant voice feedback in English and Hindi to suggest posture improvements.
>> Automatically counts reps and logs in-depth performance metrics.
>> Cheers users throughout workouts to help them perform better


Today’s home workout solutions are lifeless leading to constant loss of motivation to exercise regularly. 1-on-1 personal training is expensive. Consumers find it hard to keep up with static, fast-paced workout videos. Beginners are doubtful if their posture and technique is correct when following videos. Progress must be manually logged. Effort tracking is limited to heart rate metrics. We are targeting the Online Fitness Training Market 2020: $8 Billion >> 2027: $59 Billion.


Co-Founder & CEO: MBAN + MIB, HULT San Francisco + BBA, NMiMS. Product Management, Design, Marketing. Ex-Associate Product Manager at Stylabs Technologies experienced in product, growth, and design.
Co-Founder:  BE, SFIT. Computer Vision, Product Engineering. Previously Innovation Engineer at REDX WeSchool building and managing several computer vision and robotics projects.
Co-Founder: BBA, NMiMS, Mumbai Product Owner, Operations, Analytics, Finance. Ex-Senior Risk Analyst at Deloitte analysing operational risk for Fortune 500 companies.
Co- Founder: BE. SFIT. Computer Vision, Product Engineering. Ex.
Senior Technical Assistant at e Yantra, IIT Bombay working on autonomous drone systems and connected native mobile apps.