Kalire is the first dating platform to run background checks on every single user
and introduce a whole plethora of safety features to increase user safety

These features increase safety and decrease the prevalence of sexual harassment and poor online behavior.


Double Dating Mode: Allow users to pair up with their friends and swipe on other paired users.
User Rating System: Each match must rate the other on behaviour and comfort. These ratings are displayed on profiles.


No dating app is built centred around safety, which continues to be the #1 problem in the industry. 30% of female users have experienced sexual assault on dating apps and 50% of those experiences were rape, only 26% of dating app users in India are female as majority do not feel safe on such platforms, Online Dating scams resulted in a loss of $547 million in 2021. Legacy players like Tinder, Bumble, etc. have too many users to now go back and try to verify the identity of all those users, leaving a problem that can’t be solved by the large players.


COFOUNDER 1: Pepperdine University. Ex-Investment Banker at Black Legend Capital. Successfully raised over $30 million for companies across healthcare, technology, and consumer industries. He then worked in one of the most recognized real estate teams in the United States, generating over $100 million in annual sales.
COFOUNDER 2: Pepperdine University. Tech entrepreneur who co-founded TraqCheck, one of India’s fastest-growing background check companies at the age of 22. He sits on the board of TraqCheck. Worked on various Netflix productions and interned at the biggest production companies in India.
COFOUNDER 3: University of Southern California, owned and operated multiple E-commerce companies, generating over $3 million of annual sales consistently since 2017. He was also a key member in the entrepreneur & venture management association at USC.

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