Kal Bionics is building assistive tech for the amputee/disabled population for India and for the world. “In a world where amputee’s are secondary, we are striving to showcase
that amputation is definitely not the end of the freedom of mobility”

We have currently developed India’s first fully functional bionic arm – Kal-arm for uninterrupted agility and unhindered freedom.

>> 14 gripping positions using EMG technology
>> Custom modes such as sports, office, fitness and gardening
>> Smart battery
>> Supports upto 8 Kgs.
>> Firmware updates (no more queuing for updates)
>> Android Supported through a mobile app
o Monitor device health, battery status, functionality modes etc
o Over Track EMG signal diagnostics.
o User can practice the 14 gripping positions

>> Performance Monitor
>> Colour customization


>> Strong focus on intellectual property keeping the roadmap in mind. 5 patents under filing process/getting ready to be filed
o 2 mechanical utility patents
o 2 Product design patents
o 1 Electronics utility patent

>>The products we offer are built by imbibing cutting edge technology and offers various unique
>>We are also working on a unique distribution system to make our products available to all.


Cofounder and CEO:
Bachelor of science in electronics. TCS ignite. Assessed 24
projects in the areas of machine learning, AI, drones, IOT, AR/VR.

Cofounder & COO:

Master’s in project management from univ. of Manchester.
Yellowseed enterprises, Senior Procurement Specialist with Procurian USA, Inc, Supply Chain and Logistics at Ducere Technologies, Founding Partner at Starfish Venture Partners.

Cofounder and CTO:
B.Tech. Research Intern IOT(Internet of Things) NUCLEONIX, Design of Intelligent Gripper for accurate Electric Connector mating and Bolt Fixing DRDO-CAS (Centre for Advanced Systems), Systems Engineer Infosys.