We are an AI driven Edtech platform offering personalized, self-learning solutions for hobby learning, for kids at affordable prices.

–> These sessions feel like live sessions. What we offer is very different from the traditional Live Session with instructor-based approach to learning.
–> We are building a tech-based platform using AI/ML and motion recognition techniques which will simulate the experience of a live session through technology. This will help deliver value of a live session (as opposed to recorded videos) at a cost which is 1/10th to that of a live session. By achieving this, we will be able to take hobby learning to the grassroot level at the lowest possible cost.

Sectors: EDTECH, AI/ML


Though hobbies are a key desirable by all parents for their children, the propensity of kids to keep vacillating between hobbies, and the per class costs have ensured that traditional hobby classes setups have not been able to scale. We see a market potential of US$ 4.5 bn by 2025.


  2. ANYTIME, ALL AT ONE PLACE seamless switching between activities
  3. PROGRESSIVE LEARNING CURVE design child specific learning curve
  4. GAMIFICATION game like UI and features


COFOUNDER & CEO: Strategy and finance. CFA. B-tech, MBA. 8+ years startup experience at senior management roles. Care24, MEE, Yen capital advisors.
COFOUNDER & CTO: Heads technology. B-tech M-tech IIT Roorkee. Founder Acousterr. Co-founder teamviu.io. AI/ML and deep learning expert. Ex- Oracle, Rivigo, tech lead at Naukri,
COFOUNDER & COO: Head Ops. Btech, MBA Wellingkar. 5+ years spartup experience driving business development. Hash Biotech. Care24.
CHILD LEARNING CONSULTANT & CURRICULUM DESIGNER: MSc. BHU. Education advisor. Mentor to leadership teams of ed-tech institutions.

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