About Us

Jiraaf is India’s largest fixed income platform providing alternative investment opportunities to individuals. Jiraaf provides a range of exclusive handpicked and risk assessed deals across tenure, interest rates and asset classes.

Jiraaf is enabling users to create a diversified fixed income portfolio with products across the risk – reward spectrum.

India has $10.8 Tn in individual wealth: Macroeconomic tailwinds leading to growth in wealth generation and savings.

Jiraaf is addressing various categories of corporates for their credit requirements due to its multi-product approach



Jiraaf is led by a team of exceptionally seasoned individuals with 100+ years of BFSI experience.The leadership team is equally well experienced with individuals from Barclays, RBS, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Kotak and others


Exp: 10yrs+

Worked with Wadhwa group, an IIM Ahmedabad Alumni


Exp: 12yrs+

Worked with Piramal Fund Management & Axis Bank