IndieTap Tutor2.0 – India’s first Synchronous, Live, On-demand, and Copyrighted Tutoring Experience.

Issues that plague the cluttered global “tutoring” market estimated at $275 bn include:
No connect to Tutors in real-time, complicated, and multi-layered, Sub-optimal pricing and tutoring choices, learning delivery that is fragmented & asynchronous, and Parents that are often disconnected.

>> On-demand tutors – choose and connect with Tutors (Not middlemen), instantly.
>> Copyrighted Tutor Referencing – LinkedIn type verified tutor profiles. 
>> Copyright Applied for Smart Tagging Engine for Smart Revisiting – Our smart tagging engine ensures efficient archiving which leads to better rate of revision/revisit. 
Live parent view- allows parents an unobtrusive live view of their kid’s tuition for upto 5 minutes… Direct from their mobile device.
>> AND a completely Synchronous Learning Delivery System

CEO: Co-Founder Maxima watches. MBA  20+ years of diverse experience in general management, business planning,  business strategy development, business model innovation and brand building.
CTO:  Technologist with deep understanding in coding, data architecture, Server design, development of apps, SAAS and IoT. Patent in Technology in reference and rating engines. B Tech Computer Science. Certified in Oracle, Microsoft, Google Analytics and AdWords.

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