Impact App

Impact App

Impact is all about Get Fit. Do Good. Earn Rewards. The impact app makes daily health meaningful and rewarding.

Earn Karma Points by walking, jogging, meditating and more. Use the points to contribute to causes or redeem them to win rewards. Subscription & sponsorship fees for in-app paid features like leagues, challenges, premium rewards. Fixed plus revenue-share of product sale with health & wellness companies and insurers.


Over the last and this decade we are headed to depressed, unhealthy, lonely, and lethargic lifestyles. OUR VISION is to make them healthy, active, productive, purposeful, and youthful; by making daily fitness as addictively satisfying as a Netflix or Instagram.

CO-FOUNDER & CEO: Ex. Business strategy, IIT Bombay 2008-13
CO-FOUNDER: Partnerships Ex. Analyst, Mckinsey & Co. IIT Kanpur 2010-15
CO-FOUNDER: Product. Ex. Product head, IIT Bombay 2008-13
BOARD ADVISOR & MENTOR : Ex. MD, Gionee India. Management consultant, Angel investor, Philanthropist.

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