GrabbnGo, a one of a kind consumer app which lets you make the most of your daily commute by picking up f&b/grocery/laundry “on the go” and “just-in-time”. ORDER – GRAB – GO or DRIVE THRU convenience at all partner stores. Enables kerbside pickup from Restaurants, Retail Stores and now at AIRPORTS and MALLS. 


1.  Express Pick up/Delivery Model: (From stores in Airports, food courts, malls)

Ø  Easy Mobile App based Ordering

Ø  No Queues-Express pickup at store along the route (IP owned) “on the go” OR Delivery at Boarding Gates – Get it delivered to gate and walk into the flight “just in time”

Ø  Track your order- The app tells you the live status of your order.

Ø  “Just in time” ordering ensures your food is hot when you grab it.

2.   Drive Thru Model: (From any roadside store)

Ø  Plug & play kerbside pickup. Convert any Brick & Mortar Store to be Drive Thru Enabled at zero cost.

Ø  On-Demand 10 second pickup. Just grab it “on the go”

Ø  “Just in time” ordering ensures your food is hot when you grab it.

3.   TapNGo Model: (From any large format store/hypermarket)

Ø  Just Walk Out Shopping, after tapping the code on the items on display. The items get added to cart and bagging happens in the stockroom.

Ø  Once a shopper leaves the store the shopping bag/virtual cart is totalled up and the shopper’s credit card is charged for the items.

Ø  Shopper can collect shopped items at a pickup point next to parking lot. Just grab it “on the go”

Ø  A “cashier less experience” with “no check-out queue”


CEO, CTO/Co-Founder-Techie with 20 years of experience in Investment Banking and across consulting and technology roles working in US, Singapore and India. Over 3 years into Start-up with first hand learnings. Expert at problem solving, highly motivated, technically capable of building the platform on his own. Core focus: Leadership, Product, Technology, Vision.·       
COO, Co-Founder – A BITS Pilani Alumnus with a master’s in computer science and over 18 years of experience working across geographies in various global Investments Banks performing consulting, client engagement, Strategy and business development roles. Setup and made profitable a restaurant in Bangalore, from scratch with a turnover of 3.6 crores per annum within a period of 18 months. Core focus: Product, Strategy, Sales & Marketing.

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