We offer Integrated video commerce and interactive live streaming enabling BRANDS to Digitize & sell; Interact & promote; and Measure performance and CONSUMERS get Curated Discovery; Social Buying and Sell Online + O2O.

Livestreaming we believe will be a Gamechanger in online shopping.

The vision is that a consumer sitting in India can just push a button on a mobile phone and virtually visit any store in 5th Avenue, New York, interact with the store staff and shop in real time. We aim to create value for emerging fashion entrepreneurs and homegrown brands that can put India on the global map.

>> BRANDS, RETAILERS, MERCHANTS: New customer acquisition, data ownership, backend support, complete ecomm suite, better conversion and engagement rates and lower digitization costs.
>> CUSTOMERS: No language barriers, curated experience, interaction tools, community shopping, niche products.

FOUNDER & CEO: 15+ Yrs. in sales & marketing. He started his first business at age 16, worked for 3 years with Mytestbuddy as CMO. Ex-Founder -Goliath Endeavours, Ex-Marketing Director ARC Creation. Leads strategy, business development, marketing, & finance. MBA.

CO-FOUNDER & COO:  18+ Yrs in technology & operations. He has started and sold businesses both in India and Silicon Valley and was the Ex-CEO of Youmapper (fleet and school bus tracking) & E-Mediworld (electronic medical records system), both of which have seen an exit. Worked with NASA for 3 years. M.Sc(software Eng&Physics) San Jose University, Ph.D Stanford Univ.(sabbatical). Leads Product development, Technology & Operations.