Genuine Mark

Genuine Mark

Genuine Mark-Genuine mark is a B2B Blockchain based Anti-counterfeiting enterprise providing anti-counterfeiting solutions for brand protection and safeguarding of brand consumers.

Genuine Mark Features

•        Scan The QR code enable you to enter the app with 1st level authentication.

•        Authentication Scratch the Hologram to enter the Code. 2nd level authentication to make sure the product is real.

•        Rate & Recommend Rate the product on the basis of your use. If you really like it share it within your family to make sure they don’t miss on great product.

•        Warranty Protection Often a consumer has to present the bills and go to a particular location to get products replaced or repaired. The apps links a direct relationship and the manufactures gets to the last level of customer satisfaction.

•        Cashback and Win Prizes A genuine way to build loyalty is to give your repetitive consumers the benefit of repeating there love towards the brand. The app makes sure the GenuineMark comes through various surprises.

•        Related Products Customer is Happy, Manufacturer is even happier to help bring a change and impact in effort to create a genuine world. We then try to showcase other related product a consumer would love to buy and give more details around it by a simple click.

•        Blockchain A layer of block chain adds more to the product as a tracking mechanism comes into precision. A master QR code on the Monocarton supplied is scanned by the distributor and then the retailer which builds a series of authentication for a consumer for even more safer product.


Co-Founder: MD at the Family Business of building Warehouses for Food Corporation of India. Has designed and developed 40+ apps. A pass out of Lancaster University in International Business Administration,Field Of Study Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services.

Co-Founder: Currently MD of total solutions and has 14+ Successful businesses and advising Fortune 500 firms. A Chartered Accountant by education.