Future Trucks

Future Trucks

Future Trucks is a B2B Logistics and tracking solution which provides effortless and safe moving of the goods from one place to the other to its clients. FT offers the convenience of giving real time data about the location of your goods. Future trucks are filling a major market gap by integrating technology with logistics and reducing the chance of theft and mishandling of goods.

Future Truck features:

·        Pan India network of reliable transporters.

·        Online document management for convenience.

·        Real time tracking to know where the goods are.

·        Stream less communication no headache as to where the goods are and how they are.

·        Customised feeds for your needs.

·        Verified Customer base and goods.


Both Directors has over 10 years of experience in logistics consulting and project management. Its CTO worked in SAP and Flipkart has vast experience of ERP and technology .
They are the alumnus of NIT Tiruchippalli.

For More Details: http://www.futuretrucks.in/