Fero is a B2B SaaS global play in the freight & logistics space.

We have created products using Ai that solve for the issues arising from manual coordination in freight and logistics by replacing human intervention with machine intelligence to execute the same tasks in an optimized + automated way.

Our key product and business driver include TiA, the world’s first IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) in the Freight and Logistics Industry. TiA eliminates the need for human coordination for repetitive and redundant tasks in freight & logistics.

CO-FOUNDER & CEO: Ex Armed Force’s Tech Division. Danzas(DHL) Road Freight. Setup DGF Multi-freight Hubs. EX-truxapp. Ex- 3F tech. Expertise: Freight-Tech Products.

CO-FOUNDER & CSO:  Serial Entrepreneur, Diverse Geographies & Sectors. Ex-Newquest group. International ceramic city Dubai. Partner Exigo-botta group. Co-founder Truxapp. Exited- Jeebly board member. Partner Vianetlabs. Expertise: Strategy & Planning

CO-FOUNDER & CTO:  IIT Kanpur, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Deep Learning, Neural Networks. Ex-Hero Motocorp. Expertise: R & D

CO-FOUNDER & CAO:  Warwick & Harvard, Endeavor Entrepreneur, Globally Networked, Expertise: Alliances