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EXXAR is an enterprise SAAS product that addresses the problem of collaborative business communication using VR/AR.

EXXAR CAD product focuses on the Engineering market by transforming CAD applications into VR, without any software development or data processing. 

EXXAR offers digital tools for design review & validation, integrates with all leading 3D CAD software and various add-on modules.

They have been voted as No. 1 VR Company in the APAC Region.


Our key promise and our key competitive advantage are that Exxar reduces the adoption cycle of VR by 90%.

The challenges of the engineering market include long design cycles & design iterations during production. Both lead to huge loss of time & money. To validate a design, the industry relies on creating physical prototypes and uses business travel to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Legacy software development cycles for re-architecting for VR could take between 1-2 years whereas the EXXAR cycle takes between 1-2 months.

Exxar enables CAD software to directly connect to VR without any loss of data. Further, no other software in this segment provides a SAAS based license model at such price/performance. Its low cost of development and the experienced and committed team gives them a huge edge over any competition.


Founder & CEO: 20+ years of experience in VR, 3D Visualisation & Graphics industry.
Worked at Silicon Graphics before establishing VizExperts in 2005
Education- Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, MS Computer science from The Ohio State University.

Vice President Engineering: 10+ years of experience in VR/AR, 3D Graphics, CAD & Gaming Technologies.
Education- IIT Kanpur and Dassault Systems.

CMO: 6+ years with VizExperts in VR & Visualization Marketing & Strategy

Product Owner: 22+ years in CAD software development & marketing. Siemens, Mphasis.

Head, Presales: 11+ years in Technical Marketing & System Integration. 5+ Years with VizExperts. HCL, Godrej.