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We aim to revolutionise Insurance Selling the digital way. A B2B2C model, we provide our technology and operational prowess to our digital partners (agents) so that they can give a seamless insurance selling experience to their prospects/customers.

We are a non-linear business model where we facilitate the digital partner’s (DP’s) journey by sharing with him the customer’s digital footprint and insights on the customer’s likely behaviour, increasing conversion multifold.


·   Tele-assisted Model for customers who prefer fully digital journey (B2C)
·   Digital Partner Model for those who prefer a personal touch (B2B)


A deeply experienced team with domain expertise
·  Founder & CEO: Experience of more than 11.5 years in insurance business. Previously, led sales teams for more than 18 years in reputed automotive companies like Honda, Hindustan Motors, Eicher.

·  Co-founder & COO: Handles Insurance sales customer service. 4 years in SB Insurance company responsible to Drive B2C Sales vertical. Expert in sales strategy, marketing, and technology deployment. Having more than 25+ years in leading organizations like HP, i360 Staffing & Training, Su-Kam Power, etc.

·   Co-founder Driving overall sales: 9+ years in senior sales roles at Kotak securities and Indiabulls. 13+ years in financial industry. Founder Unicon investment solutions. Augment financial services.