Chaudhary Farms

Chaudhary Farms

We are a Grain-Belt focused Crop Input Retail and Grain Handling Business serving grain grower from seeding to sale with – Crop Inputs, Crop Advisory, Crop Input Credit, Grain Storage and Grain Sales. Our operations make grain growing more profitable and sustainable by – Increasing farm
productivity, reducing the cost of cultivation and achieving higher grain price realisation – for our growers.

Our operations also bring ‘ease of doing grain production’ to growers – by using own digital tool to plan, track and implement grain production strategies.


The problem to be handled is – How to increase the incomes of grain growers OR How to make grain-growing more profitable and sustainable. With agriculture becoming more input-intensive – four key challenges exist in solving the profitability and sustainability problem –

1. Plateauing Farm Productivity – Grain yields have started plateauing across intensive agriculture belts of India, informing that further yield increase has become a complex task, possible only through advanced agronomy interventions. At the same time, the Imbalanced use of crop inputs continues to create sustainability challenges.

2. The higher cost of crop inputs – Indian growers pay some of the highest prices in the world for crop inputs. There is a huge price escalation as the product reaches from formulator/manufacturer to marketing companies to distributors to retailers to farmers.

3. Limited or no access to crop input credit – To ensure successful crop, farmers need unhindered access to crop inputs and if access to crop input credit is not there, access to quality crop inputs becomes tough.

4. Low grain price realization post-harvest – When grain is harvested, there is a glut in the market. No player offers the farmers the opportunity to store grain for a few months, avail working capital through warehouse financing and sell the grain when prices stabilize. As a result, grain farmers in India continue to realize lower prices year after year.

THE SOLUTION: Our Model of grain-belt focused crop inputs retail and grain handling business

>> Retail centers with agronomy field teams and digital tools
>> Working directly with manufacturers / formulators / importers
>> Crop input credit
>> Grain storage and sales


Founder: He earned his Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He has been involved in agriculture since 2008 and founded Chaudhary Agriculture
Services Pvt Ltd. In 2014.

Founder: A postgraduate in Business Economics & Finance from University of Surrey, U.K, Nikki is involved in family agriculture since 2011 and founded Chaudhary Agriculture Services Pvt Ltd in 2014. She represents India in Youth Panel at Food and Agriculture Organisation Headquarters, Rome, Italy and is part of Committee on Food Security with the United Nations.

Co-Founder & CTO: He has a B-tech in Mathematics and Computer Science from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE). He had stints at McKinsey & Co and FabHotels. He also co-founded
Thirio, a B2B platform offering curated Indian cuisine.