Board Infinity

Board Infinity

Most of the early career professionals/pre-final/final year college students lack the necessary skills to qualify for the job market or make a job transition. We bridge the gap by skilling the learners in industry relevant skills through our 6-month courses that are taught by industry experts in a live cohort-based model.

Our key courses are Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Full stack development.

Sector: EDTECH

Our cohort base, industry led approach is uniquely engaging, affordable, and outcome driven. We are doing well vs. our competitors because:
-> Extreme focus on career outcomes
-> A platform model for teaching curates and maintains instructor quality
-> Personalisation & high engagement


The Upskilling segment in the early career segment is a $30 bn opportunity in India. We are bridging the gap between college education and the skills required for the job. Building a unified platform for all early-career needs and enabling one million career transitions by 2027.


Bharat users are not able to do travel booking. The primary factor is their inability to understand or trust online platforms that do not communicate with them in a language they are comfortable with. Over 400 Mn Indians have never transacted online despite being on the internet. 52% of entire travel booking (~$38B) still happens offline and the market is very fragmented.


COFOUNDER 1: Started his journey with MuSigma, where he joined when the company was 200 people in size and saw the company grow up to 1200 members. After that, he joined affine analytics as employee number 4 and again saw the company scale up. Post that, he completed his MBA from SP Jain and worked with PwC for 2 years as a management consultant, serving clients across the globe.
COFOUNDER 2: Founder Express painters. MBA from SP Jain. Post his MBA, he Joined the Future group managing a $25 mn category for 1.5 years.

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