Humanising genetics with microbiome for health & fitness.

We are a Singapore registered company


Bione is building Asia’s first direct to consumer microbiome & genetic testing company, with a vision to be a leader in preventive healthcare and make illness optional. Our goal is to sequence 10M people by 2025. Our products address Genetic Disease Risk, Common Health Risk, Hair Health, Key Fitness Parameters, Food, Nutrition and Personalized Supplements. Our at-home testing kits include a DNA Test and a Gut Microbiome Test.

  1. Bione DNA Test: Our DNA test can help recognize risk for various diseases to facilitate preventive
    steps or identify diseases at an early stage. The once-in-a-lifetime test gives personalized health
    insights about food sensitivities, level of physical fitness, cognitive functions etc.
  2. Bione Gut Microbiome Test: The Gut Microbiome Test, gives insights into how good or bad gut health is. It helps identify inflammation causing foods leading to chronic diseases, understand what foods to eat, experience improved digestion and clearer skin.
  3. Health Counseling: Customers also benefit from one-to-one counseling sessions where they are
    guided by experts on personalized lifestyle recommendations that can help them manage various
    chronic diseases.
  4. Bione Health Supplements: Bione’s new range of supplements is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to make sure that people achieve their full health potential. Our best-selling supplements include Antioxidants Plus, Multivitamin & Minerals Plus, and much more.


Chronic diseases are on the rise in India. Use of potentially inappropriate medications
(PIMs) is higher due to lack of genetic knowledge (root cause). Preventable diagnostics are not being
utilized enough for disease prevention and management. Microbiome testing helps identify various
common health risks like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and IBD.


FOUNDER & CEO: 20+ years of experience & first person to bring genomic testing to India.
CO-FOUNDER & SERIAL ENTREPRENUR: Forbes Asia 30 under 30. Alumnus Singularity University.
ADVISOR: Father of Genetics and one of Time’s 100 most influential people

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