Surveying. Inspection. Precision Agriculture. Established in 2013, we are India’s leading commercial drone company offering end-to-end drone Solutions for enterprises.

We Design & Develop enterprise-grade drones combining a range of advanced solutions around hardware & applications focused data analytics solutions.
>> Identified IP around Flight controller, Flight planning techniques, application-related algorithms, designs, etc.
>> 10X faster & generate million X richer data than conventional techniques.
>> Developed drones that are best-in-class in the world at 2X lesser cost and data analytics which provide more than 500 times tangible ROI.
>> First company to get a Small Category (> 2kg weight) drone certified by the DGCA, India.
>> We focus on 6 highly scalable commercial applications: mining, urban planning, corridors, irrigation, Plantations/Farmlands, Asset Management.


Fuelled by Drones’ ability to access difficult-to-reach areas and productivity gains for a wide range of commercial and professional applications, the commercial drone’s market is estimated at over $ 25+ bil which has grown from a mere $ 1.4 Bil in 2015.


Co- Founder & CEO: B-Tech in Aerospace Engg. Batch 2012. Former research associate in Flight Dynamics for UAV dev from IIT Kanpur. Co-founder and VP Drone Federation of India.
Co- Founder & CTO:  B-Tech & Mtech from IIT Kanpur, batch 2013. 7 years interest in Robotics, former head of robotics club in IIT Kanpur. Ex-Flipkart.

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