AntPay is a Neo-Banking application from Antworks built keeping in mind the daily Banking and Financial needs of our users and how we can fulfill those needs in a hassle free manner.


A large part of “Bharat” is either self-employed or employed in an SME. This segment of SMEs and Individuals is highly underpenetrated and still financially excluded. We are solving this problem by building a unique B2B2C model which combines Business (Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)) Banking & Consumer banking on a single platform.

  • Building a full-stack & on-chain Neo bank, with the core objective of becoming a daily usage account for its users.
  • Apart from Banking and Payment solutions, we also provide loans, Insurance, and Investment solutions.
  • We have already acquired required licenses (NBFC, Insurance Broking, MF).


  1. Aim to provide an SME owner a Digital Current A/C (along with payments, credit & other banking services) + Zero Balance Wallet for its employees with multiple rolled-up services and benefits. This makes a compelling proposition for SME owners and gives us access to a large pool of B2C primary account users.
  2. Rolled up services connected through an on-chain data and transaction network. We are building a private permissioned Blockchain that will enable participating organizations (co-lenders, partner banks, partner insurance providers etc.) to exchange information and collaborate through both private and shared channels + add custom distributed applications.
  3. 100% Tech (software + Credit Underwriting + Data Analytics) is built-in house to deliver (i) superlative user experience (e.g., access to multiple 3rd party services through single KYC & login); (ii) ability to seamlessly integrate multiple 3rd party services into the core app and (iii) scalability & flexibility of platform
  4. One of the biggest differentiators is that unlike other players, the customer data in our business is not distributed across different products. We can analyse and understand customer behaviour on 30+ parameters to offer them customized loans, counselling, Insurance, and Investment solutions.


Around 190 million people in India do not have a Bank account. Even for opened accounts, more than 50% of bank accounts remain inoperative. We have one of the world’s lowest Insurance penetrations. Small and Medium enterprises, face a credit shortfall of 400 bn USD.

TEAM: We’ve a strong experienced team of Bankers, Technologist and Marketeers that have meticulously tuned performance drivers, which is ready for super scale growth.

FOUNDER | CEO: 20+ years with leading banks like Yes bank, ICICI Bank in leadership Roles.
CO-FOUNDER | CBO: 20+ years with leading Banks like SBI, IDBI in lending and fund raising..
CO-FOUNDER | CTO: 25+ years in leading technology companies as System Architect. Ex HCL Technologies, Aricent, Hughes Software.
CO-FOUNDER | CMO: Digital Marketing Expert, has worked with leading Digital marketing companies in India..

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