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We are an OPEN Risk platform using proprietary algorithms to compute the Risk in an Investment OR Trade Transaction- targeting BFSI, Corporates.

We are an On-Cloud SAAS Model along with on-premises deployment.
1. RISK ANALYTICS SYSTEM – RAS: Early Warning System is for Banks, NBFC’s
2. MARKET INTELLIGENCE NEWS – MIN: Highly curated and relevant Business Intelligent News
3. MARKET INTELLIGENCE UNIT (MUN): RBI has enforced Market Intelligence Unit for Detailed and Forensic level monitoring of Pre-Onboarding of Companies

Highly scalable Architecture with AI, ML implementation along with a Strong API layer Interface to support Multiple Data-sets consumption
>> A Platform to track Market Information from across the Globe 24 * 7
>> Alerts and Automated Reports
>> Business Rule Engine with Proprietary AI Algorithm
>> A Complete Platform for Internal and External Data Analysis
>> Open Framework Architecture

Key founding members are from Heckyl technologies, a financial analytics venture.

FOUNDER & CEO: 20+yrs Ex- NSE, Ex- BoFA-ML, Mphasis, Datamatics. Co-founder Heckyl Tech. BITS-P, IIM-Ko.
Co-founder: 16+ yrs in finance, MIS, Telecom. Ex-BoFA-ML. Cofounder Heckyl tech. Database Design & Development, Hardware & Infrastructure, Finance.
Head: 20+yrs in Application Delivery in the finance sector. Ex-BoFA-ML. Spryance (India) prior to joining Heckyl tech. B.E. Electronics.
CTO: 17+ yrs in core technology. Architect of core News / NLP modules, real-time Market Data Network Adaptors. Ex-tech lead at Mindflex, Smarte prior to joining Heckyl tech. MS in IT.