Allrites offers Content-As-a-Service (CaaS) whereby streaming platforms can subscribe to a volume of content for a fixed monthly subscription fee and have the flexibility to change that content mix regularly based on viewer data; essentially, the B2B equivalent of Netflix.


In the traditional business model
>> content owners rarely receive viewership data about their content
>> have no way of protecting their license from misuse (e.g. beyond the actual license period)

Problems addressed both at the content producers and streaming platforms front
1. Producers have Limited access to streaming platforms and platforms need more and more content
2. Producers unable to agree on low fees which do not justify the cost & effort of execution and platforms are vary of high upfront fees.
3. Producers have a large volume of content  that is unmonetized and is gradually losing value. Current license structures have no flexibility to change titles based on audience behaviour.


A founder team with deep domain and tech expertise.

>> Founder & CEO: Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Imagine Group. Producer of large-scale Hollywood and original format reality TV shows across Asia. Producer of “The Apartment” the longest running reality TV show in Asia and broadcasted on US Netflix. Producer of “The Challenger” the first Asian reality TV show to receive an Int’l Emmy Award Nomination.
>> Co-founder & CTO: A serial entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in Production, Broadcast and Online Media. Founded and exited from EditShare an intelligent media sharing business. Created a streaming video portal, secure, efficient, and scalable instant digital distribution channel. Established the technology for Fox in Asia.