Month: August 2018

What’s Up Life

What’s Up Life

What’s Up Life is a Leisure/Entertainment cum Media platform started in 2013 and currently present in 5 cities (Delhi, Gurgaon,Noida, Kolkata and Hyderabad ) which helps its user identify what is happening in the city, which food/restaurant is trending and how to plan your weekends. The 

Just Relief

Just Relief

Just Relief – Helping formalize the 1 on 1 communication between Doctors and Patients Problem Area and Solution Problem Area: Formalises, Informal and un-managed 1-0-1 communication between a specific doctor and his/her patients. Solution: A Robust platform to replace informal communication (like random patient phone 

Yes Madam

Yes Madam

Yes Madam- a beautician based beauty aggregator. Its aims to provide affordable and transparent beauty services at home.  Provides women and men with 5 Star or 7 Star rated beauticians. Currently, Bootstrapped and operating with cash healthy profitability

Areas of Operation

Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad


-Pricing Model = Per minute pricing, Game Changer in the beauty services industry

-Pricing of INR 6 – INR 12 per minute.

-Disrupting the beauty services industry by making it affordable and transparent.

-Use of sealed mono doses (one time use) beauty products which cannot be refilled or tampered unlike other salons.


Co-Founder: He has over 10 years of diversified international exposure. He quit his 150,000 USD job to follow his startup dream with aspirations to revolutionize the beauty industry.  

Co-Founder: Dynamic entrepreneur with more than 7 years of rich experience in starting profitable businesses from scratch, internationally. Running several ventures successfully abroad.

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