What’s Up Life

What’s Up Life

What’s Up Life: Whatsuplife is a Leisure/Entertainment cum Media platform started in 2013 and currently present in 5 cities (Delhi, Gurgaon,Noida, Kolkata and Hyderabad ) which helps its user identify what is happening in the city, which food/restaurant is trending and how to plan your weekends. The vision of the company is “If it’s happening in your city , you will find it here.” Along with listing and user feedback the platform also allows users to make booking and get great offers. It is an ideal platform for people in the age group of 18-35 who are constantly looking for new and trending places to hangout.


1) The company has Media/ Publicity partnership with all major happenings” in the city from Talks to Fashion shows to food festivals.

2) Corporate Tie-ups with all major F&B Sector Industries, Leisure Industry and Event Management Companies.


Current Status:

1) Website: More then 6,00,000 Sessions & 1.3 Million Page Views on the website per month.

2) Social Media: Around 5Lac followers across Platforms& around 15k –20k being added every month.

3) Facebook Reach-out: More than 8 Million people every month. 


The platform has 20000+ Active Users daily and around 10% month on month CGR.

Over the next 1.5 years goal is to expand to 15 cities to include Pune, Jaipur, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Mumbai & more and target is to be present across all major cities in the next 3 years.


1) Gaurav Luthra(Founder) has over 9 years of industry experience is an IIFT alumni. 

2) Deepti Mehta(COO) Content head with over 11 years of experience in Online media 

3) Shohit Sharma(CTO) 10+ years of experience in App and Web Development.


Key offers: know Leisure and Entertainment in your city. Fashion shows to Food Festivals to hangout destinations

Website: https://www.whatsuplife.in/