Webber is building a grounds-up, affordable electric (Light Commercial) 3W & 4W that can compete with its Diesel engine counterparts in terms of performance. Light 3- and 4- wheel commercial vehicles used in tier2/3 towns India are best suited for going the electric route, much more than even cars and buses… due to higher utilizations, considerably low cost-to-entry barrier and employment generation.

Key USP’s & Differentiators

1.TRANSMISSION (PATENTABLE): 10-15% more energy efficiency. 5% Decrease in vehicle cost. 3x more torque on-wheel and gradeability.

2. Cooling tech for BATTERY PACK (PATENTABLE): 60% better than existing EV systems as we manage the temperature better. Accurate SoC estimation

3. In-house designed electrical subsystems: Cost Effective, Reliable, Customizable, Upgradable, and Serviceable

4. Passenger and Driver Comfort: Easy Steering with only one-way steering force. Independent swing arm suspension with spring and damper for passenger comfort

5. Aerodynamic and beautiful aesthetics – A Head Turner

6. Short Wheelbase for 4W Cargo for shorter turning radius

7. High Voltage system for better power efficiency


Core TEAM from IIT Kharagpur involved in Electric vehicle design for last 3 years

Co-founder: B.tech + M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur, Industrial Engineering and Management. Co-Team Lead, Electric Vehicle Group (Project Deshla, IIT Kharagpur), Team Lead Autonomous Ground Vehicle Research Group. Embedded Electronics Development Intern at ABB.
Expertise: Embedded Electronics and Battery Management System, Product Features and Portfolio.

Co-founder: B.tech, IIT Kharagpur, Instrumentation engineering. Co-Team Lead, Electric Vehicle Group (Project Deshla, IIT Kharagpur), Project Trainee at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.
Expertise: Power Electronics and Vehicle Drivetrain

 Co-founder: PhD, University of Pennsylvania; B.Tech, IIT Madras. Chief Advisor and Hands-on Guide. Professor at IIT Kharagpur. Expertise: Mechanical Systems Design, Engineering, Production and Sourcing.