“Chaat” (is the quintessential street food across India, however professional scalability has been a huge challenge given villainous issues around hygiene, inconsistency in Taste, Quality & Cost, and insanitary location.

Given the Puchka, panipuri, golgappa, fulki, pakodi, gupchup… depending upon where you are in India, is really the king of chaat …, we initially started with the embedded system design of the Panipuri machine which minimizes human touch with food. It is hygienic, sensor-based and serves 5-10 people at a time. We are not only the innovators of this machine but also supply “pre-packaged” ingredients with a minimum of six months’ shelf life to our franchisees from a central commissary.
We have since evolved to offer “chaat” QSR centers, with the “watershots” machine at the core. 

We believe we have no direct competitors, as we are the only company who has this technology (IOT Product) till date in terms of Panipuri. Indirect competitors are unorganised street Panipuri vendors, and Indian cuisines QSR’s like Bikanerwala, Gwalia, etc.


>> Touch-based SMS meter,
>> in-built chiller,
>> cloud-based entertainment screens,
>> auto-cleaning program, etc.
differentiate us from other competitors.


Co-founder & CSO:
>> A Chartered Accountant by profession with 8+ years of
experience of which 5 years in the start-up domain.

co-founder & CEO:
>> B.E. in Automobile & MBA in Supply Chain Management
with 4+ years of start-up experience. CEO of the company with the role of product development, working on a new design, cost reduction in terms of product & supply chain management. Past co-founder of Zoofegi.com.

co-founder & CTO:
>> B.E.-IC with 4+ years of start-up experience. CTO of the company with the role of product development in terms of cloud technology, IOT, procurement and production planning. Past co-founder of OOB Automation.

co-founder & COO:
>> Bachelor of Science with 10+ of experience in the field of manufacturing & trading. Past: Founder of Axis Engimech Pvt. Ltd.