The Zero Games

The Zero Games
Zero Games: Brief Introduction: The company Zero Games(PLAKC) is trying to solve pain points of Video Game players, Gaming Studios and Ad agencies by Native ad formats so that the brand becomes a part of the game. PLAKC is a progressive AdTech company that delivers Ads in video games to consumers in the course of the game. Too many pop-ups spoil the game experience and players are irritated by the Ads. Players look for close button or a way to skip the Ads instead of looking at the Ads as they want to play the game.

Studios do not have option of other non intrusive ad formats to monetize without irritating their players also Only Big Studios can setup a marketing team to sell their ad space. Smaller studios do not have any way to sell ad space as they neither have that big a traffic nor a team to monetize it.

 Even though the brand knows banner blindness and pop up irritability is a reality but it does not have option of other formats.They can do native with AAA studios by hard coding but it has to be done every time with a new game or change of Ad creatives.For a lack of proper scale and profiling the brands are still thinking of choosing games instead of choosing players who are their actual potential buyers.

PLAKC provides multiple Ad Formats such as native Ads, Moment based Ads, Video Ads, Rewarded Ads, VR Ads etc



1)    PLAKC serves Ads to user based on the profile of the user and target parameters, maximizing profit for publisher.

2)    Gaming Studios integrate our plugin while making games and designate exclusive Ad spots for PLAKC

3)    Our ad server compares bidding rates of different brands to maximize revenue for both Publisher and PLAKC.

4)    Advertisers can get 10X reach in 1X cost because we count 10sec = 1Impression.

 Current Status: Already executed campaigns of HBO ($8k Revenue, 2 mil. Impressions), Cadbury ($20k revenue, 8.9 mil impressions) and 10 other companies including Samsung, HUL, Airtel, Maruti, Ola, Renault and many more in pipeline.


PLAKC is already working with 30 Gaming companies, implementing on about 10 more currently. Another 15 are in pipeline including EA Games.


Our SDK is integrated with all big gaming studios in India including Nextwave, Nazara, Playizzon, Dumadu, Appon, VirtualInfo, Octro- Implementing & Nautilus managing more than 10M impression in a day for these clients.

Team: Founding team of IIT Bombay and IIT KGP graduates having multiple years of experience in software sales and digital marketing.